Sunday, February 6, 2011

Birthdays, Chicken Tortilla Soup, & The Governor

My week was a bit on the crazy busy side so I totally meant to post last Sunday night recapping our weekend but the week got away from me.

I'll start today's post by wishing some sweet people Happy (Belated) Birthday! :)

My mama's birthday was February 5.

We love you so much mom and you are so dear to us!

Maren Elizabeth Wilson, my precious tiny neice turned 4 years old on February 6!

Happy Birthday Marebear! You are so loved!!

I can't wait to play with your Dora the Explorer walkie talkies and your new bat and ball! :)

We had quite a lovely weekend. :) Friday night Matt and I went to see The Tourist. It was a great date night movie with equal parts romance and action and I would definitely reccommend it. I know it has been out for quite a while....we saw it at our $1.00 Theatre which is now more like a $3.50 Theatre (Still better than the ridiculous amount of money they charge you at the normal theatres :))

Saturday was quite relaxing and I made one of our favorite meals, Chicken Tortilla Soup. I found the recipe
I made a couple of changes by omitting the hominey and adding a can of tomato paste as well as a little more chicken is really good.

Sunday was a great day....we invited some friends to church who came with us for the first time and we had no other than the Governor of FLORIDA there! :) It was pretty stinkin cool. My pastor saw him at Starbucks with two of his advisors and walked up to him, started a conversation, and invited him to church...and 2 weeks later he came! :)
This week was a little bit of a blur with a long work week, dentist appointments, networking events, association meetings, and coming home to find out that our sweet Lucy ate practically a whole jar of nutella (no worries, she's fine) so I am VERY much looking forward to the weekend. Tonight I bought a really cute suit at Express that was finally on a good sale and had frozen yogurt for dinner while Mattypookins is working. :) I thought I would start out the weekend with a bang.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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