Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello blog world!

For a while, I have contemplated whether or not to create a blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading others but wasn't sure how interesting mine would be. I'm still not sure how interesting it will be but I am excited to begin blogging! :) I'm sorry if it is dreadfully boring but hopefully it will be a combination of what is going on in Matt and I's life, a little bit of couponing (I've just started trying to be a faithful steward of our money by couponing and it has become really fun to me...well, sometimes), decorating and recipe info, and some encouragement from a sinful girl who needs her awesome and holy God to make it through life. That sounds quite hodge podge to me, but oh well....I'm just a hodge podge person. Those words are looking really weird to me now. :)...is that even a real saying or did I make it up?

It's late and I'm tired so I'm out...but look for new posts from MUAH in the near future! :)