Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Love Wednesday...

I have been wanting to do a What I Love Wednesday Post again so today is going to be the day!

I am loving the fact that we could be closing on our first home in less than 6 weeks! :)

We heard back from the bank (PTL!) and accepted their counter offer.

Now, we are in the last little home strech with home inspections, surveyors, and waiting to close!

I am sooooooooooo very excited about this.

From the very beginning of our house search, we kept coming back to one of the first ones we looked at. We both have pictured ourselves there and are SO extremely excited to settle in and make it ours!

I am loving finding decorating & diy ideas on Pinterest...

I am loving the fact that the Lord has provided a JOB for me!

I will be working as the Corporate Sales Manager for Doubletree here in ATL.

I start next week and again be among the world of the employed! :)

I am also loving the fact that soon I get to experience the employee store at the Chico's distribution center. After being a very patient wife (haha) and not bothering my husband with taking me because he has been working hard & learning I decided that I can't wait any more & that I HAVE to go...I can't wait to see the deals and hopefully get some new things for my new job!

I am also loving the fact that I am going to be on beautiful Pensacola beach for a week with my family in a week and a half. I can't hardly handle my excitement!!

And lastly I am loving my wonderful, supportive husband. His contstant jokes sometimes drive me a bit up a wall, but there is no other person I would rather share life with. He is a blessing from the Lord and I am so thankful for him. I really think we should start having a romantic date night once a week just like the Bachelorette (minus the group crazy Thai boxing dates). Wouldn't that be amazing if you could just fly across the world for a night, have an incredibly romantic date, and come back home? Yes please. :)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Request to Blog

So on a 3 way call last night with my mom and sister I was requested to blog.

Me: "But I'm in a blogging slump....I don't have a job yet and I don't do anything all day long. I haven't taken any pictures in a month! What should I blog about?"

Emily: "Blog about your funny phone interview, about having no internet and TV for three months, about Matt not thinking your chairs have potential, about TRADER JOE'S....write about how you got organic food at WALMART prices!!"

Me: "Okay, you just want to blog for me?"

Emily: "No but when I check your blog I want to see something new, not "Slacker to the max" which is right after the picture of Atlanta (She then proceeds to list the most recent posts in order which they show up).."

Me: "Aww Em you are such a loyal blog follower"

Mom: "I check it all the time too....I just checked it today."

Well, here goes nothin you two :)....I think I am just going to do some bullets and hopefully it will be interesting. If not, my family will still read it as loyal blog stalkers. :)

  • I am very much ready for a job. I know, I know, I should be enjoying time where I don't have to worry about working every day but I am desperate to be a part of the working world again. For normalcy. I am probably going to regret this thought by the end of my first week of work but it's my thought for now. :)

  • Matt was out of town this week and I may have watched the first 3 seasons of Boy Meets World on DVD while he was gone. Don't judge.

  • Trader Joe's is pretty much the most amazing grocery store I have ever been in. It is all organic but so totally cheap! Even though it is kind of far from where we're at, it is still worth waiting in stopped traffic on I-85 for the awesome food. :)

  • A short sale is ANYTHING BUT SHORT. Ugh, I wish I were on an episode of "Property Virgins" on HGTV where Sandra comes back in the room after a short commercial break to tell the homebuyers that their offer has been accepted! So. Not. Real. Life. We put in an offer on our house 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything from the stinkin bank.

  • We have found a wonderful church that we love! We have joined the Young Couples community group and are so excited to start getting plugged in. This is such an answer to prayer. :)

  • We currently don't have internet or cable at the apartment we are renting while waiting on the house contract. My very financially responsible husband doesn't want to sign a year long contract if we won't be able to transfer it to a house. I understand. But it has made the whole not having a job yet thing just a teensy bit more difficult. But, I am not complaining. It actually has been good for me to detox a little bit from blogs and facebook and spend time outside, working out, and in the word. And then when I need my fix, I go to Starbucks or our apartment clubhouse and soak it up.

Speaking of which, I think this is all of the blogging I can handle in Starbucks sitting right next to very loud french (or some other language) women with the internet going in and out and the little cute Starbucks man sweeping under my feet. But I did it!

You're welcome Emily Beth! :) Love you all....have a wonderful weekend.