Wednesday, July 31, 2013

9 Wonderful Months :)

           Weight: 19 lbs 3 oz (50%)
                  Height: 29" (75%) 

Grayson Patrick turned 9 months old on the 4th of July. This month was another rough one for my poor sweet baby boy with his first real sickness and cutting 3 teeth at one time for several weeks! However, it was also a fun one with his first trip to the beach, having his cousins come and visit us, traveling to Pensacola to be with more cousins and family, his first 4th of July, and a pretty big milestone happening- crawling!!!

My sweet lovie was wearing mostly 9 month and 6-12 month clothes. He was still wearing a size 3 diaper. He started doing much better with eating solids after being on his medicine until he got sick for the first time. We were on vacation in Destin with my in laws and the last night we were there he woke up sounding like a little seal and like he was having trouble breathing because he was coughing. Poor little buddy had croup. He was pretty miserable for several days and when we took him to the dr she said he was also cutting 3 teeth at once! His first tooth finally officially was in and was so cute but needed the others to balance it out. :)
This precious little muffin started doing several new things in a matter of days and weeks despite feeling so crummy. He started "high fiving" us when we put our hand towards his, he started being able to go from the laying down to sitting position on his own, then he waved for the first time to his Aunt Kelly (while on his first boat ride! So many firsts!! :)), then he started crawling!!! We came home from the beach and Gray and I were having a rough day because he was sick and I had a cold too. Daddy had just left to go out of town for work and we were pitiful sickies all by ourselves. I had to set G down to go get something and he started fussing and looked up at me with a pitiful face and started crawling to me and wrapped his little self around my leg. I was kind of in shock so I walked a little further and he did it again. Then later on after he was feeling better he crawled to Lucy! I was pretty sad that daddy wasn't here to see it for the first time but we sent him a video. He really didn't gradually start crawling- he pretty much just jumped in and was pretty fast from the get go. I think that reveals a little bit of what his personality is like and I think I am in trouble. :) He now is constantly moving and usually never stops. He is still such a sweet happy baby but I am seeing a little fiery stubborn dramatic spitball side too. At least we know he has parts of his mommy and daddy. ;)
He hasn't really said his first word yet and isn't really babbling all that much. I think because he was focusing on so many big motor skills he wasnt too focused on talking. He has said na-na (sounds like Nonna), ma, da, and his infamous ahhhh. 

The beach/waves- he was so precious and loved it!  
Being tossed in the air 
Crawling to Lucy 
The wheels on the bus song (his favorite line is where the mommies go shh shh sh) 
When daddy comes home from work 
Goodnight moon
The cow sound "mooooo" 

Getting teeth
Being sick with croup 

My little love, 
This month showed me more of your personality- sweet and happy, stubborn and dramatic, and a true boy-active! I love seeing more of who you will become because I am watching you grow into the person The Lord knit together inside of me. I am so thankful that you (if you don't feel good or are very sleepy) will still cuddle up on my chest. Every time you do I try to remember what it feels like because you won't be this little forever. There is a line in a song that I love that goes "Oh, darlin don't you ever grow up...just stay this little. Oh darlin don't you ever grow could stay this simple." Part of me wants to keep you this little forever but I know you have a lot more growing and changing to do. And that's a good thing...mommy just needs to be okay with it. :) I love you so much it hurts. You are SUCH a precious treasure and my sweet baby boy. 

Your mama and daddy 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

8 Months Old

I need to play catch up a little bit because my sweet muffin is actually 9 months now and I have yet to write out his 8 month post. He turned 8 months old on June 4th so this is recapping from May 4- June 4. This was a very challenging month for our sweet little man but despite everything, he still continued to light up our lives with his happy little temperament. 

Grayson is wearing mostly 9 month clothes but can still wear some 6 month onesies and pajamas. He is still wearing a size 3 diaper. He was doing pretty well with solids until about halfway through this month and then he started cutting his first tooth (which didn't actually pop through until next month). Feeding time went from a normal experience to a very hard one- he would cry after one bite and acted like he was in pain. He pretty much didn't want to have anything to do with solids which meant I went back to having a newborn again- he was hungry all the time and was waking me up at night to nurse multiple times. I was exhausted and it was hard. We went to the Dr. (Unfortunately Grayson's normal pediatrician was off the day we went and I will never do that again...we love Dr. Khan :)) and pretty much they said he looked fine and just keep offering solids. Well, during this time (and many months prior) I had also been trying to get baby boy to take a bottle because my mom and sisters and I had been planning for over a year to take a trip to New York City for my sister Emily's 30th birthday. Grayson's Nonna and Papa were coming up to help daddy and plans had been made. My mom offered to come and help him take a bottle but we realized my little mister is a stubborn little guy and only took it once but never again. So, Grayson Patrick went with 4 women to the Big Apple and it was SO much fun! He did amazing on his first flight and while we were there and I was SO thankful for my little traveler! His aunts and Nana doted on him and it was a really fun trip. I want to make a special shout out to my sweet husband who let his 7 month old baby go to one of the biggest cities in the world. Thank you babe! :) 

Anyways, our buddy despite being SUCH a wonderful traveler was still struggling with food and then started waking up in the middle of the night in pain, arching his little back and didn't want to lie down on his back...I knew something was wrong so we went to the Dr. again and Dr. Khan explained that she thought he had acid reflux that started out when he was a newborn and has just gotten progressively worse over time and solids weren't helping and making his little tummy hurt more. He hadn't gained any weight in a month and hearing that made my heart sink. We started him on baby Prilosec immediately and although it took some time, things finally started getting better and he started eating more normally. 

Grayson wanted to crawl so badly this month and when he saw Lucy sometimes I thought he would start crawling. He would get up on all fours, move a leg and plop down on his tummy. I knew it wouldn't be long before he would be officially mobile. He started pulling up a couple days before his 8 month birthday and once he did it the first time, he did it again and again. :) He still is a little people person and when we went to New York, smiled and squealed to complete random strangers on the plane, on the subway, at restaurants and while we were walking around. I really don't ever get tired of people saying "That baby is SO cute!" His schedule remained mostly the same as last month except the not eating solids made it a little off at times. He did eat puffs and mum mum crackers for the first time and loved them so many meals would consist of those. :) He also got his first little cold this month but thankfully wasn't too bad- just a lot of snotty noses. 
Lucy- his best furry friend 
Playing peekaboo 
Being tickled
Listening to his daddy say "hey buddy buddy buddy"

Eating solid food :(
When his poor little tummy hurt 
When mommy has to wipe his nose 

My sweet little love, 
I'm so sorry this month was a rough one. I hated seeing you in pain knowing there wasn't anything I could do. I know there will be more boo boos and times when you are sick or hurting and I hope you always know I will be there for you. I will be there to kiss a knee, hug you tight, and tell you I love you. I hope you know just how much you are loved and how much your daddy and I will always be there for you, no matter what happens. We are so blessed by your little life and are so thankful to Jesus for loaning you to us. We know ultimately you are his and he has entrusted you to us. We pray that we will honor and glorify him as we parent you. You are SO loved and cherished, angel! 
Mommy and daddy