Thursday, April 29, 2010

I would really like to live here

Move Yes please.

I miss you Mattypookins

So my husband is out of town this weekend man bonding with his (practically & someday :)) brother-in-law John and hanging out with his family....I wish I could be there but we will both be traveling down next weekend! I am sitting here being pitiful and lonely because he took Lucy too! Thankfully I have a fun weekend ahead that includes a sleepover with my sweet friend Andi (whose husband is out of town too) and hanging out/laying out with my friend Joanna and some other friends on Saturday!

So as I am dramatically commiserating Matthew Ryan being gone....I was looking up some old school pics of us and thought I'd share them. :) They bring a smile to my face and make me think back to first meeting the wonderful man who is now my best friend. I love that boy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Destin bound

I am so excited to be going here this weekend....
I am going with my church's women's retreat and am so excited! Our speaker will be Jani Ortland, who was the author of this book that I really want to read

I cannot wait to spend quality time with some amazing women and be refreshed by the teaching of God's word and praise and worship...and have fun soaking up the sun. I am so beyond pumped. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stuck in Scotland

So this crazy picture above is the volcanic ash cloud that is covering a large part of Europe. Normally, I would read about this on the news and it wouldn't affect me, but my dad actually is in Scotland and is unable to come home because of this. He and three of his best friends went on an amazing dream vacation to golf at the oldest and most well renown course, St. Andrews. They all had an amazing week and the day before they were scheduled to leave, this volcanic ash cloud began covering Europe, causing hundreds of thousands of flights to be cancelled. They were supposed to leave on a flight tomorrow morning, but I was talking to my mom earlier and it looks like they may not be able to come home for another week. I can't imagine being overseas and being told I cannot leave!

If ya'll could pray that they would stay safe (right now they are in a very safe area that isn't directly affected) and for peace and comfort for their wifes while they aren't able to get home, (including my mom and Aunt Karen who has an adorable and amazing blog that you can read here), and for guidance and direction that would help them to come home as quickly as possible. I know the Lord is sovereign but I would greatly appreciate your prayers. :)

UPDATE: My dad, Uncle Rod, Mr. Tom, and Mr. Gene MADE IT HOME!!!!! :) It was a miracle....they were able fly standby on a flight yesterday! Thank you for your prayers! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love Filled Weekend & My Patient Recovering :)

Well, I had a wonderful weekend filled with a bridal shower and an engagement party for friends.

These two adorable people just got engaged last night and they were totally glowing. I have known Will ever since my freshman year of college almost 6 years ago and have known Jess for 5 years....these two are just precious for each other and I am so happy to see them following the Lord's design and pursuing marriage. I can't believe Will is all grown up (haha) and getting married!! And he has chosen such a precious, fun, beautiful, godly woman.

They are so stinkin cute....

Will did great.....look at that beautiful sparkly is perfect and SO Jess!

Girls with the bride-to-be

Is it really already Sunday night? I am so not ready for work tomorrow.

So, Matt had his third knee surgery in 3 years this past Tuesday but he has rested up all week and is doing much better. He was able to go to work yesterday and today for a little bit....still having to hobble around on crutches but pain free and on the mend which I am very happy about! Hope everyone has a great week. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A dream for the future Garlich girl

Okay, so Matt and I are currently watching Sherlock Holmes....but really you can tell who is watching it hence the three blog posts in a row. :) I found this adorable picture of a little girl's room that I seriously cannot wait (okay, I can wait) to have in my own home with a tiny little precious girl in it. :) Love, love love.......don't you?

Spring on a Mantle

If this picture doesn't welcome spring in a home, I'm not sure what does.....isn't it just beautiful? I want to recreate it badly! I am just LOVING this gorgeous, warm weather and cool breezes....I love SPRING! :)

Waiting on Pins and Needles :)

What a horrible post for me to end on and not blog for two whole weeks....for those of you waiting on pins and needles (hahaha.....just kidding!) I'll give you the lowdown.

Basically, the company that my husband works for--the lovely store Tarjay, had given us an opportunity that we were sure was exactly what the Lord had for us. Matt was a highly recommended candidate for a position at a store in Charlotte, NC....right where we have been wanting to relocate. After a wonderful interview and beginning to look for houses (very bad idea on my part-I'm glad I didn't start packing like I wanted to), we got the news a week later (after waiting what seemed like years :)) that he was not selected for the job. This came as pretty hard news for us to hear. After some time talking with Matt and through prayer, we know that this obviously was not what God has for us at this time. All along we prayed for God's will for our lives, and clearly he answered that prayer. So, I will trust in his sovereign plan and know that it is far greater than my own. Even though it is hard sometime to understand why things happen the way they do, I'm so glad I can trust in him through everything.

So, that's an update for now. I have many more posts circulating in my head that will come later....I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend! :)