Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stuck in Scotland

So this crazy picture above is the volcanic ash cloud that is covering a large part of Europe. Normally, I would read about this on the news and it wouldn't affect me, but my dad actually is in Scotland and is unable to come home because of this. He and three of his best friends went on an amazing dream vacation to golf at the oldest and most well renown course, St. Andrews. They all had an amazing week and the day before they were scheduled to leave, this volcanic ash cloud began covering Europe, causing hundreds of thousands of flights to be cancelled. They were supposed to leave on a flight tomorrow morning, but I was talking to my mom earlier and it looks like they may not be able to come home for another week. I can't imagine being overseas and being told I cannot leave!

If ya'll could pray that they would stay safe (right now they are in a very safe area that isn't directly affected) and for peace and comfort for their wifes while they aren't able to get home, (including my mom and Aunt Karen who has an adorable and amazing blog that you can read here), and for guidance and direction that would help them to come home as quickly as possible. I know the Lord is sovereign but I would greatly appreciate your prayers. :)

UPDATE: My dad, Uncle Rod, Mr. Tom, and Mr. Gene MADE IT HOME!!!!! :) It was a miracle....they were able fly standby on a flight yesterday! Thank you for your prayers! :)


Courtney said...

Of course I'll pray! What a scary thing to go through

Audra said...

Thank you so much! My mom is a little worried right now :( and just wants him to be home...