Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Pictures to Wet Your Whistle :)

So, I lied.
I said I was updating soon.
And that was almost two months ago.
So shameful. So sad. I have no excuses except I just haven't really felt like blogging.
But it's my blog so I'm just going to pick up like I have been posting all this time.
I can do that, right?
So in honor of my precious and wonderful mother who told me I had to blog :), I am posting just a few pictures of our new home decorated for Christmas to get back up on the blogging horse.
Can I just say what a joy it is to own your own home and be able to decorate multiple spaces for Christmas? And to have your entire family come to your home and stay there for Christmas? Oh my goodness I can't even contain my excitement.

I was very excited to find this precious little secretary dresser below at an awesome antique store for $50...already painted! It is one of my favorite pieces in our house and it sits in a perfect little nook in our foyer. (The picture is cropped weird because to the left is our bannister that leads to the upstairs but my sweet husband had to take the bannister off to put the secretary in place and it hasn't gone back on yet...but that is on his honey-do list :))
And lastly I'll leave you with a larger view of our living room showing our tree.
Don't worry, there will be more pictures, more updates, and more catch-up.
But for the next little while, I am going to enjoy the season and just soak up all that God has done for us this year. I'm going to be joyfully busy getting ready for my family's arrival & then truly enjoying the time we have together. :)
Merry Christmas from our home to yours. :)