Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Garlich is a..........


Matt & I are SO happy & SO blessed that the Lord is growing a precious, sweet, baby boy in my tummy and we can't wait to meet him in September!


Now on to planning the nursery, buying cute baby boy clothes, and getting excited for our little man!

16 Week Update

Little one at 16 weeks :)

How far along? 16 Weeks 

Total weight gain: I haven't weighed myself because our scale needs a new battery & I haven't gotten one for it yet. When I went in for my 12 week appt. I had gained 5 :( but hopefully some of that is from my boobs b/c they have grown quite a lot. ;)

Maternity clothes? Maternity pants and/or regular pants with bella band. All normal tops still except for one maternity.

Stretch marks? No. I have been applying my Momma Bee Belly lotion from Burt's Bees & hopefully this answer will be no until our peanut is born. :)....and then still no. 

Sleep: Great until I have to wake up to go to the bathroom & then not being able to go back to sleep.  Thankfully that didn't happen every night this past week but it's not super fun when it does because I usually sleep so wonderfully & never wake up in the middle of the night.   

Best moment this week: Praying for our tiny one...listening to my husband not just pray for health, but for his or her heart, and that he or she would come to know the Lord & that we as parents would live our lives reflecting the gospel & do it well with the Holy Spirit's guidance.      

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach. I have slowly made the transition to sleeping on my side but I already miss sleeping on my stomach.  It's all worth it though!

Movement: None that I can feel yet....I can't WAIT for this!! :)

Food cravings: Nothing that I have "had to have right then & there"....but I'm still loving cheese, carbs and fruit.    

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I used to love avocados and spinach and I want nothing to do with them now. :(  For a while I couldn't handle chicken (even Chic-fil-A- crazy, I know!) but now I just can't really make chicken at home but I can eat it when other people prepare it.  Ridiculous, I know. :)

Gender Predictions:  Matt & I both are thinking girl, but I had a dream a couple of days ago that it was a boy & now I am thinking BOY!  We find out on Monday, April 16th!!!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it. :)

Have you started to show yet: Definitely have a bump & it gets much bigger at the end of the day!

Symptoms:  Not quite so tired or nauseas as I was in the first trimester but I still get queasy sometimes.  Thanks to posting this on Facebook, I found out that jolly ranchers totally take the edge off though!   

Belly Button in or out? In

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy :)

Looking forward to: Finding out if little baby Garlich is a boy or girl!!!!! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The best post EVER :)

So everyone in real life and in the facebook world knows but it is about time that I post the most exciting news ever on my blog & it kind of explains the lack of posting for several months. 


Come September 30th, Matthew Ryan and I will be adding a precious addition to our family & will be welcoming OUR FIRST BABY into the world!!!!! :)

We are pretty much ridiculously excited and think that already we have the cutest little munchkin ever. :)  The little person is already so cute & was moving SO much at our 12 week was the coolest thing to watch.   

I am 15 weeks & 3 days and baby Garlich is the size of an avocado which seems pretty big to me considering he or she started out the size of an orange seed (according to my What to Expect Iphone app :))  

I am starting to feel much better after a first trimester of being exhausted & queasy so I am thanking the Lord for that.  I have been blessed so far to have not been extremely sick & other than just coming home from work and going straight to bed and having to eat crackers around the clock, it has been a pretty easy pregnancy. 

I have been really bad about taking belly pictures and I don't even have a before but with updating the blog, hopefully it will help me to stay on track.  Here is the belly at 14 weeks when I was in a Target fitting room trying on maxi dresses.   I need to get Matt to take one of me this week because is has definitely grown since then which hopefully means the baby is growing too! :)

We already have so much love for this little person & listening to my husband pray for him or her is probably one of the best things ever.  I can't believe that in a few short months (well, really a long HOT summer, haha) our lives will change forever with a tiny little person who will be one of the most important people in our lives. 

Stay tuned for updates! :)