Monday, July 13, 2009

So, so good

So I just finished reading the last book in the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury, Reunion. Seriously if ya'll haven't read these books, go to the library and get them....they are SO GOOD! Not only are they a great fiction read, but the storyline is focused on different characters and their relationship with the Lord. When they find themselves in a struggle or hard opportunity, they pray. Scripture fills the book as well reminding them that God is with them, guiding them, directing them, loving them, and giving his unending grace and mercy. won't want to put them down...they are SO good!
Thankfully, there are two more series that branch off from this one, The Firstborn and Sunrise series. I think I'm going to go head off to the library to get the next book! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

One loved pup

We love ourLucy....and she loves us!
Here she is with her daddy :)

So although I have always been a dog lover, I have usually made fun of people who treat their dog like their child. And now, I must admit Matt and I are hardcore "those people". He actually told me before we got Lucy that he would never have us call each other mommy and daddy to the dog because we are the master/owner and she is our dog. It cracks me up because ever so quickly has that attitude gone by the wayside. He is so precious and calls me mommy to her and himself daddy. Now those of you who want to vomit because you think this is silly and that she is "just a dog", just wait until you have a dog...things might change! :) Now we know this will probably change very quickly once we actually have real children, but for now Lucy is our baby and we like it that way. :) By no means does this mean we're spoiling her (well, maybe just a little by putting ice cubes in her water and letting her come up in bed with us for a little bit)....but we do realize she is a dog and we're trying to teach her to be obedient. So far, she is a pretty smart dog and we're excited to continue to train her.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend....I am excited because tomorrow is my DAY OFF and it is also the night when THE BACHELORETTE comes on!!!! :)
Also, I promise that this blog will not just be about our dog....stay tuned for more adventures in the Garlich life!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dreaming of Vacations...

I wish I were here right now.

I don't really know where this is but it looks simply wonderful. Instead, I am in my office typing up contracts and finishing my Hilton online training that I should have completed before now. I have had some sweet people come by for a site tour which was fun...A bride and groom wanting a block of rooms as well as a grandma looking for a place to have her grandaughter's 1st birthday party.

But now...I have no more tours and I am dreaming of future vacations and fun weekends. I can't wait for the following...

1. July 23-26:
Matt's sister, Kelly, and her boyfriend John are coming to visit us! They have never come up before and we are looking forward to spend some sweet time with them. I know we'll have a BLAST! We just love that precious couple! :)

2. August 2:
Our 1st year Anniversary!!! :) I am so excited to celebrate with my best friend our first year of marriage. I think we will have a low key date day/night and just relax with one another. (We are going to celebrate later on...see below) I love my wonderful husband and am so thankful for him. It will be fun to look back on our first year and see what the Lord has done.

3. August 6-10:
Matt and I are going to HOUSTON to be with my entire family (Mom, Dad, Sarah, Marc, Maren, Kennedy, Greg and Emily!!) and I finally get to see my sister Em's house! :) I just love my family and love the times that we can all be together (which unfortunately is rare now that everyone lives so far away from each other). I can't stinkin wait!!!

4. The very next weekend, August 14-17:
We are going to visit MFFIL (standing for my favorite family in-law :)) in DESTIN! This will be the first trip we are all taking together (Mom, Dad, Gregory, Hope, Kelly, John and Matt and I) and I just can't wait!! It will be filled with fun in the sun, relaxing, and enjoying our time together...I am so excited!

5. Sometime in September/October:

We haven't booked it yet, but I think that Matt and I are going on a cruise to celebrate our first year anniversary!! :) We are probably going to go in either September or October!! This seriously gets me so excited because neither of us have been on a cruise...we are super duper excited!!

Okay, well I should probably get back to work and quit dreaming. Have a happy Saturday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Weekend! :)

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?

Matt is currently watching the movie "Knowing" (that he started before I got home from work...bummer! I don't enjoy starting to watch a movie in the middle not knowing what's going on) and I have been blog-stalking. He just went to take Lucy for a walk and I am in desperate need of cleaning our kitchen and putting laundry away....but it's Friday night! I just can't bring myself to do those things quite yet.

Tomorrow I have to go into work because we have a Family Reunion reception in our ballroom...yippee! :) Part of me really likes working on Saturdays because then I have Mondays off which is wonderful...but tonight thinking about having to work tomorrow makes me nauseus...okay that is a little dramatic, but still....I would love a day to relax and enjoy with my hubs. We do have plans in the afternoon, however for a dog date with our friends Rick and Julie (Matt's coworker and her husband) and their two dogs @ Tom Brown Park so that shall be fun!

Sunday brings church and then our awesome fellowship group...we are only meeting every other week in the summer (for FG not church) so I am that much more excited to spend sweet fellowship time with my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Family Member :)

Meet LUCY:)
She is the newest member of the Garlich family and we absolutely adore her! :) Matt and I got her last Friday and have been having so much fun with this sweet girl. She is a 12 week old German Shepherd who we know is going to grow and become HUGE but I am enjoying her sweet puppy stage (except for the chewing on everything in sight and peeing all over our new carpet). She seriously is the sweetest dog for us...she has such a fun spunky personality but is also a very relaxed and calm dog (she doesn't try and jump up and bite all the time) which is AMAZING because it is the best of both worlds for Matt and I. She comes and cuddles with me and lets me hold her like a baby but she can play and fetch and wrestle (well, not quite the restling) with her daddy! We love her already and are thankful that God has put a sweet pup into our lives! I'll post more later but I just wanted to introduce the newest member of our family! :) Love to all!