Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dreaming of Vacations...

I wish I were here right now.

I don't really know where this is but it looks simply wonderful. Instead, I am in my office typing up contracts and finishing my Hilton online training that I should have completed before now. I have had some sweet people come by for a site tour which was fun...A bride and groom wanting a block of rooms as well as a grandma looking for a place to have her grandaughter's 1st birthday party.

But now...I have no more tours and I am dreaming of future vacations and fun weekends. I can't wait for the following...

1. July 23-26:
Matt's sister, Kelly, and her boyfriend John are coming to visit us! They have never come up before and we are looking forward to spend some sweet time with them. I know we'll have a BLAST! We just love that precious couple! :)

2. August 2:
Our 1st year Anniversary!!! :) I am so excited to celebrate with my best friend our first year of marriage. I think we will have a low key date day/night and just relax with one another. (We are going to celebrate later on...see below) I love my wonderful husband and am so thankful for him. It will be fun to look back on our first year and see what the Lord has done.

3. August 6-10:
Matt and I are going to HOUSTON to be with my entire family (Mom, Dad, Sarah, Marc, Maren, Kennedy, Greg and Emily!!) and I finally get to see my sister Em's house! :) I just love my family and love the times that we can all be together (which unfortunately is rare now that everyone lives so far away from each other). I can't stinkin wait!!!

4. The very next weekend, August 14-17:
We are going to visit MFFIL (standing for my favorite family in-law :)) in DESTIN! This will be the first trip we are all taking together (Mom, Dad, Gregory, Hope, Kelly, John and Matt and I) and I just can't wait!! It will be filled with fun in the sun, relaxing, and enjoying our time together...I am so excited!

5. Sometime in September/October:

We haven't booked it yet, but I think that Matt and I are going on a cruise to celebrate our first year anniversary!! :) We are probably going to go in either September or October!! This seriously gets me so excited because neither of us have been on a cruise...we are super duper excited!!

Okay, well I should probably get back to work and quit dreaming. Have a happy Saturday.

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