Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Family Member :)

Meet LUCY:)
She is the newest member of the Garlich family and we absolutely adore her! :) Matt and I got her last Friday and have been having so much fun with this sweet girl. She is a 12 week old German Shepherd who we know is going to grow and become HUGE but I am enjoying her sweet puppy stage (except for the chewing on everything in sight and peeing all over our new carpet). She seriously is the sweetest dog for us...she has such a fun spunky personality but is also a very relaxed and calm dog (she doesn't try and jump up and bite all the time) which is AMAZING because it is the best of both worlds for Matt and I. She comes and cuddles with me and lets me hold her like a baby but she can play and fetch and wrestle (well, not quite the restling) with her daddy! We love her already and are thankful that God has put a sweet pup into our lives! I'll post more later but I just wanted to introduce the newest member of our family! :) Love to all!

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