Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cake Smash & pictures when my baby was more squishy...

Well, little man turned 1 last week.  And we celebrated and had the sweetest puppy party I've ever been to.  And he loved being the center of attention.  I've got to do his 1 year recap and a post about his party, but in the meantime here's everyone singing "Happy Birthday" and some of his cake smash.  I mean, if he's not the most precious 1 year old you've ever seen ;)....


When Nana and Poppy were in town to celebrate Gray's birthday, I downloaded all of my mom's pictures from her camera, some of which I haven't even seen.  These were taken about 3 months ago when my mom and dad stopped by and had lunch with us on their way back home from North Carolina.  Oh my squish.  I could just eat him.  Since he's started walking, he has thinned out so much because he doesn't ever stop moving and he is just looking so much older to me.  In these pictures had been crawling for a couple of weeks but was still SO squishy and ADORABLE.

 Be back soon to post all about our precious muffin's birthday shenanigans. :)  
Happy Thursday!