Friday, November 12, 2010

So behind...

So even though you can walk into pretty much any store and see this....

I'm pretty ridiculously behind on this blog because this is what I want to post about....

A couple of weekends ago we ventured to our local pumpkin patch and took Lucy....she was so sweet even though when most people first see her they take two steps away. :) But I love the fact that she is a big dog who sits, licks, and lets a sweet litle girl pet her....and yet if anyone were to try to hurt Matt or I, we would be protected. It's a perfect combo!

Just look at this little pumpkin....isn't she cute? :) Her daddy is pretty cute too if I do say myself! :)

I also wanted to share something that happened this past Sunday.

Do you know when it hits you....when it really hits you, what the Lord has done for you? We had communion on Sunday and as I was reflecting, I saw everything that I had done to dishonor Christ, my sin that was heavy before me, my very prideful heart, the selfish things I had said or did that hurt my husband, the dishonest actions/words, my laziness in spending time with the Lord, the things of this world that I let become more important than HIM, all of it.... it was pretty disturbing. For a second, I felt the weight of it. Then, realizing that because of the great and lavishing love my Father has for me, Jesus has already taken all of that to the cross and forgiven me for every single one of those things. HE bore the wrath. HE took the blame. Not just for me, but for EVERY PERSON who trusts in him. He felt the ENTIRE weight of all of it and felt the hate and disgust God had for it.

Praise the Lord! I am a new creation in Him. Thank you, Lord, for letting me really see it....for giving me a chance even though that I have believed all of this since I was a little girl, to remember just what you have done.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Matt and I are going to the FSU/Clemson game tomorrow to support our Noles! We've had a pretty heartbreaking season, but this is a HUGE game and I really hope we win! We are going tailgaiting with some sweet friends of ours, so I know it will be fun!