Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love Filled Weekend & My Patient Recovering :)

Well, I had a wonderful weekend filled with a bridal shower and an engagement party for friends.

These two adorable people just got engaged last night and they were totally glowing. I have known Will ever since my freshman year of college almost 6 years ago and have known Jess for 5 years....these two are just precious for each other and I am so happy to see them following the Lord's design and pursuing marriage. I can't believe Will is all grown up (haha) and getting married!! And he has chosen such a precious, fun, beautiful, godly woman.

They are so stinkin cute....

Will did great.....look at that beautiful sparkly is perfect and SO Jess!

Girls with the bride-to-be

Is it really already Sunday night? I am so not ready for work tomorrow.

So, Matt had his third knee surgery in 3 years this past Tuesday but he has rested up all week and is doing much better. He was able to go to work yesterday and today for a little bit....still having to hobble around on crutches but pain free and on the mend which I am very happy about! Hope everyone has a great week. :)

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