Tuesday, February 1, 2011


  • Dear husband, it really made me smile when I sent you a text message of my new haircut :) (super short...WOO HOO...pictures to come) and you said you reaaaally liked it and it was a "blast from the past"....which I immediately knew you were referring to the time before we started dating that your chin dropped and all you could say was "wow". I.feel.super.loved. :) Can't wait for you to come home from work and see it in person!
  • Dear Tuesday, thank you for not being Monday. Dear sweet Emily Beth my seeeester, thank you for forgiving me for being such a jerk to you on the phone simply because it was Monday.
  • Dear bartender at Level 8.....thank you for making my Flirtini very delicious. I had fun with my coworkers after work today and the cocktail you gave me was quite delicious....and has a really cute name which makes the experience all the more fun.
  • Dear Leslie my precious hairstylist.....you rock. And I love myhair. I seriously have been looking in the mirror WAY too much today.
  • Dear Maren Elizabeth, my munchkin neice....I can't handle the fact that you are about to be 4. Seriously it just feels like yesterday that I was holding you and you were a tiny little baby. Oh how your Aunt and Uncle love you so much!
  • Dear college, why do you seem like you ended forever ago? I am looking at pictures of you and I know its only been 2 years...but wow, it feels like a really long time.


Karen said...

I love this post!!! I think we should all do a list of letters to people to thank them and tell them what they mean to us. :) So....
Dear Audra, I love that you are the last of my 3 precious nieces and that thinking of you always makes my heart happy!

sarah said...

dear audra, thank you for being such a wonderful, joyful, kind and loving friend. i love you so much and i can't imagine my life without you in it. miss you friend!

Audra said...

:) Aww thanks you guys!!! :) Auntie K- I love you so much! :) Thank you for the sweet words. :)

And Sarah...:) This made my heart WAY happy! I love you so much and I miiiiiiiiiiisss you.