Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recap of Week/end & Luke 21:27-47

Oh, Sundays in are glorious.
I hope everyone has had a weekend as lovely as we have.
The Lord is good because Friday night I was in a funk....and so was my husband.
And that is a bad combo. But I thank God for answering my prayers of restoration
and drawing us together and to Himself.
So, on to my recap of last week.
It was filled with lots of To Do Lists and coffee at work.
And these beautiful flowers from my Matthew Ryan.

And a dear friend's baby shower. Cute pregnant lady alert....isn't Julia just adorable and glowing? I can't wait for her tiny precious new bundle of life!! :)
Then.....on to the weekend. Saturday we took Lucy girl to the dog park and did some laundry. Then, that night we went bowling with our precious friends, the Rousseau's.

Me and Ashley....she is a nurse and one of the most genuinely sweet people I have ever met.

We both married Matt's and they are both fun and silly so we always have a good time together. :)
Here is the cute couple :)


This morning we went to church and took a Sunday drive. :)
It was absolutely GORGEOUS outside today.
I tried to etch the memories we made this morning in my mind
so I won't forget them.
Because it was one of those days.
Those days that you look back on and treasure.
That even though we are going through a period of waiting and testing
God has given us each other to share life with.
And it is a blessing.
We drove with the windows open, Brooks and Dunn playing on the radio
and talked in our super country accents. :)
We ended up in the tiniest little town in Georgia
and ate lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant
that wasn't even opened but because we came "all the way from Tallahassee"
Miss Mary herself said, "I can make you some sandwiches."
It was so precious.
And I will try really hard to remember this day.

I will leave you with one of the points that hit home from our sermon this morning.
Neglecting God's word means neglecting Jesus.
My prayer this week is that I can spend quality time in the word, allowing it to penetrate my heart so that the gospel could go forth through


skatieperdue said...

i love those days. the spring days in tallahassee are definitely ones to remember! i love listening to country in the car and rolling the windows down too...there's nothing like it :))

Karen said...

I love your new haircut!! So glad you had a good day. It was glorious here too. We are praying for you. The music is cool - is that new??