Sunday, March 14, 2010

Work Shmerk

Do you guys ever wish you could quit your job and not have to find a new one? Seriously that would be amazing if we could just live our lives and not have to work. :) What if our job was to travel to places like these? I think I was meant to have my own travel show and get paid to travel. :)

Oh how I can dream....

Have a happy Sunday everyone. :) God is so good, even though I still have to work at a real job.


sarah said...

can i please be your co-host?

Audra said...

Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!! :) How was the cruise!?!?! Oh how I miss you so.

And P.S. I STILL haven't sent your jewelry....I know I am so sorry it is ridiculous....but if I can get my act together it will be on its way in the mail to you THIS week.