Monday, August 16, 2010

To Do List & Design Inspiration

Goodness gracious, life has been going by super fast and my documentation is getting worse! These pictures that I had taken by my sweet friend Ashley Poole, an AMAZING photographer, were my anniversary present to Matt. He loves me in cowboy boots and I really wanted an excuse to wear my wedding dress (thankfully it still fit after 2 years!! :)). He LOVED the pictures and it was so precious to see him opening the one above that I had framed for him. He has it on his desk at work and told me it is hard for him to get any work done because of it. :) I love my precious husband.
I have so many things to do and I haven't updated the blog in a while so I thought I would post my to do list on here to maybe give me a little motivation to check some things off my list. I thankfully have the entire day off because I worked on Saturday....I love having Mondays off because I can start my week restfully and productively. I was able to spend some sweet time with the Lord this morning with a cup of coffee. I just love mornings like this that aren't rushed (like mine usually are because I wake up after pressing snooze 20 million times)! So, without further ado, my list to get accomplished today/this week...

1. Pick up house/put things where they belong
2. Vacuum/dust
3. Clean kitchen
4. Laundry that has been piling up for a while now :)
5. Finish making curtains and hang them
6. Finish making pillows (Can't wait to finish them and show pictures)
7. Meal planning/grocery shopping
8. Work out
9. Buy more black frames and wall shelves and put together wall of pictures

I think that is all for now but it will probably grow even as things get crossed off.

On a random note, I am really loving a new design blog, Centsational Girl. Just look at how amazingly beautiful her daughter's turquoise bedroom is.
And her BE-A-UTIFUL kitchen...
And her precious home office....
She even has her own courtyard....oh, trying not to covet.
The coolest thing is that even though everything in her house looks like it would cost multiple arms and legs, it doesn't! She is an incredible DIYer and tells you on her blog how she does everything! Check her website out if you can. You'll thank me! :)

Okay, well I'm off to try to accomplish my to do list. Until next time! :)


Courtney said...

You look absolutely beautiful in those pictures. I can see why your husband loves you in cowboy boots. Have a great rest of the Monday!

Audra said...

Thank you! :) It was a very fun photoshoot and a great surprise for him. :) Have a great day too! :)