Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boca Birthday Bash

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest sister Sarah turned 30, and we celebrated in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. :) She had the most brilliant idea of taking a girls trip with my mom, my sister Emily, and me to make transitioning into her 30's a little less painstaking. :) I honestly am blessed with the best sisters and mom a girl could possibly ask for. Sarah is the most adorable mom and has SUCH an amazing heart for the Lord. We are 7 years a part, but it doesn't feel that way because she has always included Em and I and made us feel special. She is so selfless and it was so much fun to make the weekend all about her. We started by making a sign to greet her at the airport with......(13 Going on 30 anyone?!? :))
Sarah and Kennedy, my precious niece getting off the elevator and seeing us :)
Maren is my silly little girl....I love her so much. She and K stayed at their Grandma and Grandpa's house over the weekend which just happened to be on the way to our incredible resort
Did I say incredible resort? Yes, I believe I did....Just look! One amazing perk that I take full advantage of for working at a hotel is getting employee discounts. We just so happened to get an employee discount at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton, Florida. It was seriously incredible. This was the view from our room.
I love my seeeesters :)
Sarah and I at Serendipity....one of the restaurants on the resort property. This place is famous for their frozen hot chocolates. Our waiter told us there are only 3 Serendipity's in the whole U.S.....the first one in New York City, the one we went to in Boca, and one in Las Vegas. So, we got to thinking and planned our next two birthday bashes right then and there. Guess what I chose? Vegas, baby! :)
Love them! :)
Mom bought us these super soft robes and had them monogrammed for each of us....we literally wore them all weekend...it was the most relaxing time of my life
Getting ready to go on the yacht that was a perk of the resort....it went from one part of the resort to the Boca Beach Club side
Memories at the Boca Bungalows...a part of the resort
Just looking at these pictures made me laugh, smile, and want to go back all at the same time. Sarah Lou, you are brilliant for coming up with the 30th birthday plan! I can't wait for Em's :)


skatieperdue said...

this looks like so much fun audra!!

Audra said...

Thanks Katie....it was incredible. :) You and Scott should totally go...I'll hook you up! :)