Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Saturdays, How I Love You...

Dontcha just love waking up to a clean house and not have any obligations on a Saturday? Ohhhh, it just makes me smile and breathe a sigh of relief. Thankfully, that was this morning for me. After a long and somewhat stressful workweek, this is the best. I actually picked up and cleaned our house and did laundry last night JUST for this satisfaction. :) Usually, Saturdays are my days to clean and do things around the house, but not today. Today, I can just relax, do a little blogging, spend some time with Jesus, watch some decorating shows on HGTV, maybe watch a chic flick, maybe go for a run or do a Slim in 6 workout, maybe (but no pressure to) finish sewing my curtains and hang them, and enjoy the day. Here are some random things I am thinking about and enjoying today....

Today so happens to be these precious parents' 34th anniversary. Love, love, love them! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! :) We love you.
Today I am loving looking at this sweet face right next to me :)

I am also loving these super cute Express items and exited that I will have birthday money soon to maybe buy some :)

I am also loving these bedrooms and wanting to do a major project in ours...aren't they so beautiful and restful?

Well, that is all I have on my mind today :)....Have a great weekend! :)