Saturday, January 9, 2010

Slim in 6 and Our Church Building Grand Opening!

So I am determined to eat healthier and exercise more consistently this year (just like everyone and their brother :))....but I am bringing back a faithful old friend to help me in this venture. Here she is....
Debbie Siebers from Beach Body's Slim in 6 has helped me to be healthy and fit before, and I am going to her again! Although I've never done the every day workout for 6 weeks, this is a GREAT workout that really gives you cardio and tones EVERY part of your body....there are 3 videos starting with "Start it Up", "Ramp it Up", and "Burn it Up". Let me just say I've never been able to get all the way through "Burn it Up" but that is going to be my goal! I just finished doing the 48 minute Ramp it Up and my body is pretty much hating me right now. :) It'll like me again after I try to whip it into shape....hopefully! I really want to be consistent so I am going to make a schedule of what days of the week I am going to do this ya'll think 4-5 times per week is a good amount of workouts?
So, on to other news.....tomorrow is an exciting day for our church! It is the Grand Opening of our brand new that in all of Four Oak's history has never had! Praise the Lord because he has allowed us to have "ministry hub" as we are calling it so that we can easier reach people with the gospel in Tallahassee. I am so thankful that we have a church home and praying that God will allow for many new families who don't know Him to come! Tomorrow will be a great and exciting day celebrating the Lord's faithfulness. :)

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sarah said...

oh how i miss debbie! haha :)
that was so fun when we all did it together. i miss those times SO MUCH! but i am so thankful that we all shared them and have such fun, wonderful, hilarious memories together :) i was watching the today show earlier this month and they said that when you are starting to work out again, or for the first time, it's good to set aside 2-3 days a week. you don't want to do too much because you don't want to hurt yourself and you don't want to get discouraged or overwhelmed. so i would say like 3 days a week would be a good start :) you can always add more as you go too :)
hurray for 4 oaks having their new building! that will be a fun and special service tomorrow.
i love you so much audra and i'm sorry it's been so long since we've talked too! i've been sick this whole past week though, so i didn't really talk a whole lot of people, but we should definitely catch up next week :)
enjoy church! tell matt hello and if you see kevin and jo, tell them i say hi and that i love them too!
love you!