Saturday, January 16, 2010

Being Cinderella Today...

It's been a great weekend already.....last night (while my hubs was working) I went over to some of our friends from church's house for a dinner and game night....we had so much fun playing The Game of Things.....if ya'll have never played it you should! It can get a little inappropriate but is really fun. :) Today I have promised myself I will be acting as Cinderella pre Prince Charming and cleaning our whole house today from top to bottom, doing the laundry that has been piling up, and finishing cleaning out and organizing my closet and bring some organization back to our other closets. It is much needed....and since Matt is working and it is super dreary and rainy outside I figure today is a great day to do it!

Happy Saturday to everyone! :)


sarah said...

i love the game of things! it's so much fun :)

also if you are getting rid of any clothes, shoes or blankets you should look into finding a way to give it to haiti.. i'm not too sure who to give it to, but i know that they are greatly in need for anything and everything. maybe check out fox news' website...,2933,582902,00.html

just a thought :) i love you and hope you have a wonderful day cleaning! miss you!

Audra said...

Yes I am actually planning on doing that I just didn't post it :)

Love you!

Courtney said...

I'm having a Cinderella type day today too!