Thursday, January 28, 2010

MIA from Blogworld & NC Trip

I was totally on a roll with my posting and then life just got in the way again as it always does. I meant to tell you all that we were going on a VACATION but I'll tell you now! :) (Whoever reads this :))

Well we did go on that little vaca and had an amazing time! Some of the most generous and giving people that you will ever meet let Matt and I and his parents and my sis-in-law Kelly and John go and stay in their beautiful humongous log cabin on the top of a mountain in North Carolina. It was so wonderful, restful, and an overall great weekend!

Here are some pics of the trip...

All in all it was a great time! :) We are so thankful and blessed that we have times off work to rest and relax.

I have quite a bit on my heart so I will be posting more this weekend!

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sarah said...

i'm glad that you were able to have a restful time and a little break from business :) love you!