Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning Ramblings- A little date, a sick buddy, and bread that changed my life

Good morning!  Can you believe that I am blogging AGAIN after just blogging a couple of days ago?  I can't but I'm not going to let it stop me....I think I might just be getting excited about blogging again. ;)  

 How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty low key but we had some high points and a pretty low one as well.  Friday night was pretty normal- we did have some plans with friends but they got postponed for another weekend.  Saturday was fun because we got to hang out with a pretty precious little 5 month old.  Sawyer is my sweet friend's little baby girl and we hardly ever get to see her so this was a special treat.  Grayson decided he wanted to take her to his favorite restaurant- Chic-fil-A of course. :)  She came over to our house afterwards but little man missed out on the fun because of his afternoon nap.  I was blown away by this little cutie's personality- she is SO happy, sweet, content, and literally can sleep wherever!  She was getting a little fussy and Cacey put her in her carseat in my living room, rocked it for .2 seconds, and she was fast asleep and slept that way until they left.  Meanwhile my little man pretty much loves his crib, with his black out curtains, fan, and noise machine.  At least he is pretty amazing at putting himself to sleep and doesn't need help. (Well, at least he didn't until what happened the remainder of the weekend...)

Saturday night before bed Grayson started acting fussy and not like himself.  I laid him down in his crib and usually he will fuss for maybe .2 seconds, and then roll around, stand, and play with his blankie for a few minutes before settling down and falling asleep and then sleeping 12 (or more) glorious hours.  Well, little buddy pretty much was crying the ugly cry when I laid him down, so I rocked him for a little bit and laid him down.  He woke up an hour later crying so I knew something was up.  I gave him some tylenol and rocked him a bit more and laid him back down.  Then I think 3 more times he woke up during the night except when I tried to rock him and sing for a little bit, then lay him down, he SCREAMED. :(  It was SO sad and it resulted in me getting pretty much no sleep whatsoever.  He had a 101.6 fever when I checked it in the morning and had a really stuffy nose and a little cough.  We had to skip church and pretty much did a lot of snacking on puffs, cuddling, and watching tv. (Grayson hardly ever watches tv except for our signing time video so this was a rare treat and daddy and I were kind of loving the snuggles because usually he won't sit still for more than 5 seconds.)
Praise the Lord, buddy slept 12 glorious hours all last night and woke up mostly happy with a stuffy nose and little cough still, and a very low grade fever- no longer high.  He seems to be more like himself and not quite so pitiful but we will still be laying low on this Monday.  It was 65 degrees out this morning so I took him on a short little jog.

Oh, I almost forgot- the bread that changed my life.  Don't you love the dramatic flair? It didn't really change my life, but oh my gosh is it good.  I'm not talking like homemade baked bread, but just simple everyday sandwich and toast bread.  Publix had a BOGO free sale on Rudi's gluten free bread so I thought I would try some because usually it's kind of expensive.  It's the kind thats in the freezer aisle.  I tried some yesterday and made some cinnamon toast and WOW- it was SOOO good.  I think I may have to make the switch- plus you can actually pronounce every single ingredient in it!

 I'm excited because this week is my birthday, we are celebrating one of Grayson's best little girl friend's birthday party on Saturday, and Grayson's Nonna and Papa and Aunt Kelly and Uncle John are coming this weekend for Labor Day.  

Here's to a great week! :)

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