Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday!

I'm really excited to be participating today in this fun blog link up.  I want to start doing more of these because they are an easy and fun way to blog about the little things going on in the Garlich life as of late. :)

1. I am in the middle of turning our hot mess of a bonus room into a playroom for G.  I have been pinning like mad and have just started decorating a bit.  We already have the white expedit shelf from Ikea (see below) and I just bought this really cute duvet from Target to go on our double bed in there.  I have started making a fun little pennant banner and am planning to diy something chalkboard-y and maybe even make him a little tepee.  I just want it to be a cute (in a little boy way), colorful and whimsical space that's all his. 

 2. Some of my best girl friends have started a small accountability group and we are doing this study.  It's been so refreshing for my soul to have time away from our families (we meet in Dunkin Donuts so that's not so refreshing for my body but it is pretty delicious :)) and just talk about what we are struggling with, pray for each other, and dig into God's word together.  I am so thankful for my sweet girls and I know the Lord is using this time to sharpen me as a daughter of him, wife, and mom.

  3. Um, I think this face deserves a spot in Five on Friday.  He is such a little ham and cracks me up constantly.  We went to Target yesterday and he literally stopped no less than 10 people to get them to pay attention to him.  Once they were looking, he would bat his little eyes and smile so big that they couldn't help but smile too.  I love that he is such a little extrovert (but a little worried he may be too much of a flirt.)  According to my MIL, his daddy was pretty much just like that and used it to get out of trouble many times.  Should I be worried for my future?

4. My birthday is NEXT WEEK!  It's kind of crazy this year because now that I'm a mom, I really haven't thought about it as much as I usually do.  I've actually been thinking way more about Grayson's 1st birthday (which is in a little over a month!!! Ahh!!) than my own.  I'll be 26 and am pretty excited about it.  I feel like it's going to be a pretty great year.

5. Lastly, I have been pretty obsessed excited about this coffee creamer lately.  I have just started drinking coffee again after almost 2 years of not being able to (Pregnant for 9 months and nursing for 10 months (coffee hurt little man's tummy and now he's officially weaned)) and boy am I living it up. :)  I know this is probably not the healthiest of coffee creamers but it's pretty stinkin delicious. 

So Five on Friday was pretty fun....I think I will join in next week! :)  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! :)  Love, love!

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Karen said...

I may have to try that creamer - looks pretty yummy. Little man is precious!