Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seven Months!

Now let's pretend that today is May 4th. :) (I'm not as behind on this one thankfully! :))

Seven months.  
Closer to a year old than birth.
Cue tears from this mama.

Honestly, as sad as I am that my baby is getting older, I adore the changes happening.  He can do more and is so much more engaging and fun.  

He is wearing mostly size 6-9 months and still wearing size 3 diaper.  He can still wear some of his 3-6 month things, but mostly we have moved on to 9 months (and 6-12 months sizes depending on the brand).  This month we officially started solids and Gray has tried a lot more foods.  I have been mostly making his food with my baby bullet and it's pretty fun. We've done apples (which he is obsessed with), pears (he also loves), sweet potatoes (hit or miss- sometimes he likes and sometimes he doesn't), oatmeal (likes with mommy's milk and fruit mixed in), zucchini (he tolerates), peas (not a fan), green beans (not a fan), squash (hit or miss), prunes (likes), and peaches (likes).  He eats oatmeal with fruit for breakfast and has a fruit/veggie combo for dinner. As you can see, he's not a huge fan of vegetables but I'm just going to keep working on it and hopefully he won't be too picky.  He loves most every fruit he tries, though.  I have found a brand of baby food called Peter Rabbit Organics that he LOVES and his favorite kind is Spinach Apple Peas (crazy, but he downs this like nobody's business.)

 Praise the Lord above, my sweet little angel started sleeping 12 hours at the beginning of his 6th month.  With more solids in his tummy, he finally enjoys a full night of sleep as does his mommy. :)  He still nurses 5 times a day because I don't think he's quite ready to drop to 4 just yet.  I have dropped his last nap of the day.  In the previous month, he would sometimes take a 45 minute catnap at the end of the day, but as time goes on he just doesn't want to take it.  Some days he will wake up earlier in the morning (like 6:30 AM), not take as long of a first nap, and will be up from his second nap by 1:15- 1:30 and that is a LONG time to try and make it until 7 for bed.  But if I try to lay him down for a nap, the little one just isn't feeling it.  Our schedule is mostly this (although some days are not quite this predictable :)):
6:30 - 7AM - Wake Up & Nurse
8:00- 8:30AM - Nap
10:00 AM- Wake Up
10:30 AM- Nurse
11:00 AM - Breakfast Time :)
12:00 PM - Nap
2:00 PM - Wake Up & Nurse
4:30 PM- Nurse
5:30 PM - Dinner Time :)
6:15: Bath time, PJ's, snuggles & bible story time with daddy 
6:45 - Nurse & In Bed at 7 PM 

Grayson is starting to show signs that he's getting ready to start crawling which freaks me out a smidge.  I think he's still a ways off but he's started rocking and loves to get up on his little legs. He hasn't figured out the arms yet but man oh man once he does I'm pretty sure my life will never be the same.  He LOVES to move.  Even when he's sitting playing with his toys, he is rocking back and forth.  When he's on your lap, he's pulling up and jumping.  When I'm trying to burp him, he is practically climbing up me.  It's getting harder to keep him still during monthly picture time.  I love this picture where he just looks like a little troublemaker. ;)

I love to watch him when he's playing with his toys.  I will put his toy basket in the middle of the floor and he will dig and pull out the toys one at a time and immediately put everything in his little mouth.  He sees it, picks it up, and puts it in his mouth.  It's amazing to watch his little brain at work.  He has a toy that has six different shapes that can come out and when he's playing with it his mission in life is to get every single one of those shapes out.  He does it in record time now.  He loves to roll and roll on the floor and loves it when Lucy lays next to him.  They are becoming best buds these days and when he wakes up from his nap we go downstairs and look for her.  A lot of times he will grin when he sees her walk by.  Poor Lucy girl, she gets beat up on when buddy is close by.  He pulls her ears, her hair, hits her nose, and she takes it all.  If she's had enough she'll just get up and walk away but I am so thankful she's sweet with him.  I'm pretty sure our little man will have NO fear of dogs because his best furry buddy is 80 pounds. :)  Grayson is still a social little butterfly.  He likes it when people pay attention to him- even strangers.  The other day we were in Target and he saw this lady looking at items on a shelf.  He started babbling and was looking at her and started getting louder.  Once she looked at him he gave her the biggest grin.  It was almost like he was saying "thank you for finally paying attention to me!" ;)....he's such a little ham and I love his outgoing people person personality.  I wonder where he gets that from? ;)

 Playing with Lucy
Daddy- this is pretty constant 
Eating fruits
When mommy sings and dances :) 
Sofie the giraffe 
waking up from naps- he's so happy (mostly :))

Vegetables....but we're working on it
 Not being able to hold his spoon while eating

My little lovie,
 Thank you for being YOU!  I adore you for who you are and who the Lord made you to be.  My very favorite part of the day is at the end of the day after bath time.  Daddy will sit in mommy's chair in your room, scoop you up, and read you a bible story out of your Jesus Storybook Bible.  Mommy sits and watches as daddy tells you about Jesus.  I am so thankful for your daddy.  He may not always show it and he can be a stubborn little booger, but your daddy has one of the softest and kindest hearts I know.  I know he loves you and I SO much and I know it is his desire to provide for our family.  I hope you get the best of both your daddy and I and not our bad traits (although I am sure there will be some mixed in :)).  My prayer for you every day is that you will come to know the Lord and seek after him with your whole heart.  I pray that you know that he is the ONLY one who can satisfy your heart's desires.  I pray that you would know that He is the center of our lives and our home and you would know all about grace because your daddy and I would display that on a daily basis.  You are such a treasure and SO loved by our Heavenly Father.  I love you, my sweet angel.
Mommy (and daddy too :))

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Debra said...

Wow, Audra...great job on the post! Oh how can this baby be 7 months old already!!! He is just such a sweet baby and we are so in love with him. Kiss him for Nana and Poppy! Love you all.