Monday, May 13, 2013

6 Months- Grayson's First Half Birthday :)

Let's just pretend that today's April 4th for this post's sake. ;)

 Weight:  17 lbs 2 oz. (50%)
Height:  27" (50%)

Our sweet little buddy bear is 6 months old!!  He's such a little love bug and it's so fun watching him grow and do more fun things every day.  This past month was full of several firsts for our little man.  

We slowly started introducing solids this month and Grayson tried rice cereal, bananas, and avocados.  Here's a video of the very first time he tried rice cereal.  His little tongue wasn't quite sure what to do but eventually got the hang of it.  His little face was pretty priceless when I gave him avocados- he wasn't a fan at all.  I couldn't stop laughing because it was HILarious.  

Grayson is wearing mostly size 3-6 months clothes.  He is wearing size 3 diapers.  Our buddy finally was swaddle free when sleeping this month.  I was getting a little nervous like we would have to swaddle him forever (and Matt even joked that his college room mate would have to put him in his swaddle :)) but every time I tried he just wasn't ready.  He started getting his arms out every single time he went down for a nap or for bedtime, but was not happy with them out so I kept putting them back in.  It got a little ridiculous and most mornings his arms would be out so we just went for it.  I started with one arm out and pretty soon we went to both arms out.  It was a fairly seamless transition and I was so thankful for that.  He still wore his little sleep sack for a while after he was arms free but not for long.  It was so cute because when I would put him down on his back, I started noticing that every time he would just roll on over to his tummy, get comfortable, and fall asleep.  He also started rolling around quite a bit in his crib and was hitting his little head on the crib slats so we decided to put the bumpers up.  He LOVES sleeping on his tummy though and he is sleeping much better. 

Little man still can't quite make it a full 12 hours (thankfully because I'm writing this from the future ;) he does soon :)) and I stopped doing the dream feed a while ago because it was interfering with his sleep, but he usually will sleep from 7 PM - 4 AM, go right back to sleep and then gets up at 7 AM.  I'm glad to be over the sleeping issues hump we had last month and honestly I think it was due to not starting solids sooner.  I think his little tummy wanted more and he would wake up hungry in the middle of the night.  This month was MUCH better because we tried solids, but next month we plan on going all in with solids. :)

 Sweet little angel was still working on his crunches, rolling around a little more, and getting SO very close to sitting up on his own.  He perfected rolling from back to belly but unless he was in his crib forgot he could roll from his belly to his back for a little while. :)  His 6 month checkup was on the 5th and Dr. Khan, our sweet pediatrician, said he would be sitting up very soon on his own.  Literally, we came home from that appointment, he took a nap, woke up, and he sat up and hasn't looked back since.  It was pretty amazing and takes playtime to a whole new level.  Also something I don't want to forget is that when he got his shots, it was the first time he didn't cry.  Not only did he not cry, but he smiled at his nurse right after she gave him the shots.  He is just such a happy and sweet little tiny.

We bought Gray a jumper/excersaucer and he LOVES it.  Jumping is his favorite thing to do and he is as happy as a little clam in that thing....until he's over jumping and then he lets us know he wants out.  It's usually when I'm right in the middle of making dinner. :)  He started saying "ma" this month and I kept trying to get him to say it again but it was really random and never "mama"....I know I will melt when I hear that for the first time.  

His jumperoo 
Loves to be tickled
Still obsessed with his daddy- he comes home and gets the best smiles
Our Elmo toy (when Elmo laughs, G gets so very excited) and Baby Einstein toy that lights up and plays music
  Having his little nose wiped 
Being sleepy but not wanting to take a nap ;)

You are such a little love.  Mommy is so thankful that I get to stay at home with you during the day and that I don't have to miss a single thing that you do.  You truly fill your daddy and I's lives with joy.  Sometimes after you go to bed we will talk about you and something cute you did that day and your daddy or I will say, "Oh, I just want to go pick him up"...but we don't. :)  I can tell you are going to be an active little muffin but for now I am enjoying the days that you still can fall asleep on me.  Oh, every time you do, I just want to freeze time and remember you that way forever.  Your sweet little freshly bathed, pajama clad self who smells amazing and breathing slow little breaths.  Your long eyelashes and your sweet little hand resting on my heart.  Oh, Grayson Patrick, you are my heart.  I love you so much it aches.
Mommy and Daddy


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Debra said...

Oh Audra, I just love what a sweet Mom you are to that dear little boy! I hope you never get over that feeling! It just gets better and sweeter. Happy Mother's Day! Love you.