Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sleep Struggles and A Mantle of Love

So Grayson's 4 month post is up next but I still need to take pictures...and write it. :)
In the meantime, I 'd thought I would post what has been going on with us lately so I think I'll do a little random bullet point post today.  It's pretty much going to be all over the place so if you can't handle that I completely understand.
*We've been going through a bit of a sleep regression (or growth spurt...I have no idea) around these parts.  My sweet baby boy had previously been sleeping through the night (from 10 PM - 7 AM) since he was 7 1/2 weeks old.  He turned four months old last week and for kicks wants to start waking up in the middle of the night again.  His naps have been a little rough too.  Not so sure what to think about this and I'm hoping and praying we'll be back to his regularly scheduled sleeping soon. Please baby boy- mama needs her sleep or I might just start looking like this soon. ;)
* I decorated our mantle for Valentine's Day.  My husband might think its a little ridiculous but I don't care....I love it.  I made the heart garland from red scrapbook paper that I had and floss.  Our wedding invitation is framed inside the wreath.  Coming down the stairs and looking at our mantle just makes me happy in the morning. 
*I am really enjoying going out to dinner one night on the weekend with my little family.  We have pretty much dropped Grayson's 4th nap of the day & it's so fun because he is such a little people watcher (he takes after his momma ;) and so happy when we go out.  At the end of the week, I need to get out of the house too so I'm happy my hubby understands this and I don't have to cook!  Here are some pics of our latest family dates from the last several weeekends.  The picture of me and G is my favorite!  He was being such a little ham and smiling at his daddy.  Oh my goodness, I love that boy.

*I am so excited to be planning a baby shower for my sweet friend Cacey.  She's having a baby girl (another contender for G's future wife) in March.  Tonight we are having a planning session at my friend Erin's house and I can't wait to let our pinterest ideas come to life.  Cac is the one in the stripes...I don't have a pic with her preggers but she's pretty much adorable and has a tiny little bump.  I love my sweet friends and love that G has built in friends already.
*This is kind of something I feel like the Lord has put on my heart but I'm kind of still processing it.  For the longest time I couldn't WAIT until I could stay at home with my boy.  And it is a BLESSING.  I know that so many moms wish that they were able to stay at home with their littles. I am so very thankful that I don't have to miss anything and am really trying to soak up every second and remember every little thing about Grayson right now.  Being his mom is wonderful.  The housewife part though is not my favorite.  When Grayson goes down for a nap I think, I should go get dressed.  Well, I'm not really going anywhere so I don't really NEED to.  Plus I need to vacuum even though I just vacuumed two days ago and clean the bathrooms so really it would be silly to get dressed and ready if I'm just going to get dirty again.  Before I do that I'm just going to sit down for a second and look at blogs and instagram and  facebook and then I'll get up and be productive.  The next thing I know, it's two hours later and he's getting up from his nap.  MAJOR FAIL.  Then at the end of the day I'm wondering other than feeding and playing with my boy, what did I accomplish?  I feel super unproductive and also sometimes feel like I am lacking my purpose in this season.  I know that my main purpose in life is to glorify God through being a wife and mom and that God calls me to do that in the mundane things like cleaning, but I feel like He might be pricking my heart to serve him in a specific way during this time.  I'm not quite sure how it looks with G, but I know that if this is something God wants me to do, he will make everything work and I just need to trust him.  What is it, you ask, that I think he might be calling me to do?  There is a Christian non-profit pregnancy center close to our house and they are always looking for volunteers to counsel and talk to newly pregnant women who are confused, feeling alone, and not sure what to do.  I feel Him calling me to be a volunteer.  Part of me feels inadequate, too young, like I'm not able to relate or understand to them, but part of me feels SO very excited about the possibility and what God can do.  When I have the feelings of doubt and if I should even call and apply to be a volunteer, I think about Moses and how he was a man with a speach problem, and the Lord used him to deliver His people out of Egypt.  Moses was obedient, and I want to be obedient.  So I'm still praying through this, but felt like I needed to get it off my heart today.
*I just have to end with this (which is a major switch from my last bullet :)) but everytime I think about it it makes me laugh. 
"Tierra, you have a sparkle and don't let those girls take your sparkle away."
Don't worry, Tierra, you aren't going to lose your sparkle. ;)
Who's watching this season? :)
Happy Hump Day Friends!

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