Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recapping the weekend & what's going on this week :)

We had a low key relaxing weekend.  I love having Matt home on the weekends and not having anywhere to be or anywhere to go.  I also love watching my boys be together.  My husband is SUCH a good dad and loves his son so much!  It's so precious because on the weekends Matt just can't hold him enough, play with him enough, or kiss his little head enough.  I know it's hard because he really doesn't see Grayson much during the week because of work, so we just treasure the weekends.  On Saturday, it took Gray a little while to settle down for his nap and after a while it was quiet so I looked on the monitor and he wasn't in his crib.  I went upstairs to see this and it melted my heart. :)  

Here are some other pics from last week, the weekend, and the beginning of this week...

My sweet blue eyed boy...looking just like his daddy :)

 Gray loves to stand now and "walks" with our help.  It's pretty precious.

 Hey Mom!  I like sitting up with pillows behind me.

 Who doesn't love a sleeping baby? 

 Trying out our 3-6 month jeans and a cute hoodie from our Aunt Sarah
 My sweet boy and I after church on Sunday...he was a little sleepy :)

This week I am attempting a couple of DIY's big (for me) and the other is a little smaller but I am very excited about them and will show you the finished products when I'm finished.  Here's a sneak peak Instagram post I posted yesterday. :)

It's a dreary day with tornado warnings so we'll probably just be hunkering down at home even though we were supposed to have a play date at the park with some friends so I'm bummed about that!  

Happy Hump Day to everyone! :)

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