Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three Months!!!

Oh my goodness.....it's pretty much ridiculous that Grayson's monthly birthday was on the 4th and I am just now publishing this on the 22nd.  Absolute travesty.  In my defense, I have had it written for several weeks now but our computer is in the middle of dying a slow death and I tried to post via the blogger app on my phone and the iPad but it just was only messing it up.  Much to my surprise, I turned on our computer today and it worked!  Anyways....here's our sweet baby's 3 month post.

Three Months :)
No height and weight stats because we didn't have a monthly check up this month...he's still a precious chunker though. :)

I will probably say this every month, but I can't believe my little tiny is 3 months old!  I just read my birth story the other day and it seems like that was just yesterday.  Life is speeding by like a bullet and I'm just trying to soak up every day with my sweet baby Gray. 

Life with this little one is SO FUN!  He is learning and growing every day and it's so fun to watch his little brain work hard to understand every thing around him.  This month he celebrated his first Christmas, New Years, he went to Gigi & Papa's house for the first time (my grandparents), he started doing little mini baby pushups and liked tummy time a little more, he rolled over for the first time! (well, 5 days after his 3 month birthday but since I hadn't finished the post yet I'm counting it towards 3 months. :)), he started batting at toys and "tried" to put them in his mouth, and he found his hands and LOVES putting them in his mouthThis was a pretty big month for my little angel!

Grayson is eating about every 3 - 3.5 hours during the day.  He is starting to be awake for a little bit longer periods.  Instead of just an hour, he is awake between 60-80 minutes at at time and then goes down for a nap.  Now instead of him not being able to sleep in his crib between 5 & 7, he sleeps great!  I think the "witching hour" is officially over.  This little man is thriving with his schedule but does so good when we have to run errands, hang out 
with friends, or go to church and has to be awake a little longer than usual.  Just the other day Gray and I went shopping and had lunch with my old coworkers and he just smiled and 
laughed and hardly got fussy until right before we left because he was hungry.  I just LOVE this little man and probably kiss his head 5 million times a day.  No joke. :) 

Gray is still sleeping through the night except for two nights this month when he was going through a major growth spurt right before he turned 3 months.  He woke up around 4 and was starving both nights but has gone right back to sleeping through like normal. 

At the end of this month Gray picked up on a lot! He started to really enjoy his play 
gym and started batting at his toys! He is "talking" a lot more and now likes to chat with his little lion, elephant, giraffe, and monkey friends. :) He can sit in his bumbo (but he's still a little bit of a bobble head) and is a pro at tummy time-keeping his little head and chest lifted for a long time!  He rolled over once even though his daddy doesn't call it a real roll- it completely was!  I rolled him from his back to his belly and then his little arm was underneath him and as soon as I rolled him over and let go, he rolled right back over!  It was so very exciting! :)

Likes this month: 
Sucking on his hands- ALL the time!
Trying to sit up- he feels like such a big boy Bath time-loves loves it
Having his cheeks squeezed or kissed (this is easy for mommy to do :))
Mommy singing to him
 The "hands hands feet feet cheek cheek" song that daddy has made up
Daddy moving his little arms and singing "Keep rollin rollin rollin"
Putting up his hand to his cheek while saying "Why are you hitting yourself?" over and over

Having a burp right after he eats that doesn't want to come up
Waking up early from a nap and can't quite get comfortable enough to go back to sleep
Eating from a bottle (Oh no- we've got to work on this one! We hadn't used a bottle in a while and Matt tried to feed him the other night when I went to go see a movie and he wasn't feeling it and hardly ate anything.  We've got to work on this!)

Grayson Patrick,
Oh my sweet sweet sweet angel baby how your daddy and I love you so! I love watching you learn something new it seems like every day! Your precious smile warms my heart and your sweet little body is so wonderful to have right next to me! You are such a gift and I never want you to forget that! I am so thankful you are a healthy boy and that you have such a sweet little personality. Life with you is so blessed and your dad and I thank the Lord for you every day. I am so excited to watch you grow and see what new fun things you'll do next month! We love you!
-Mommy and daddy :)

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