Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pensacola & An Impromptu Date Night :)

Hello ya'll. The hubs and I had a blast in Pensacola last weekend. We slept in, enjoyed going to a make-up party, helping mom and dad with their kitchen renovation, lunch out @ Moe's, watching college football (and being annoyed yet again by our Noles), relaxing, going to Cici's with Aunt K and Uncle Rod, Mrs. Faye and Mr. Gene and M&D, going to church @ Hillcrest, and lunch out at Chili's. Lucy thoroughly enjoyed herself in a much bigger house and yard than her own and she loves Nana and Poppy. :)

Sadly enough, I didn't get any pictures while we were there but I did get some on the way over. We basically are dog torturers with how we transported Lucy. We took Matt's tiny truck and originally had her in the middle with us. She is getting quite large and kept circling and almost got us into an accident so we figured we'd try another solution. Well she LOVED this one! We bunjie corded her to the truck and put her in her crate....she was able to feel the breeze and look at passengers who would drive by. It was fun, too, because they would see her and smile and wave.

This is what we saw as we were passing into Pensacola right over the Gulf of Mexico....BEAUTIFUL! :)

My mom and I went to a Mary Kay makeup little open house of the lady who did my makeup for my wedding....I had to take a picture of this wall display (although it is poor quality) because I think it is absolutely adorable and I want to do it in our house!

Switching gears, last night was much needed and wonderful time with my best friend, Matthew Ryan. I came home from work, Matt and I caught each other up on our days and had some much needed cuddling time :) and then we decided to go see a movie at our dollar theatre. We saw The Proposal, which is SUCH AN ADORABLE AND FUNNY MOVIE!! My husband was laughing through the entire thing which is quite rare unless it is Dodgeball or Anchorman. Super cute, adorable romantic comedy...go see it! Then, we went to MoMo's near campus which neither of us have been in was fun but made me feel like an old fart because I forgot how loud they play music in there! :) I've only been out of college for a year and already I am complaining about loud music! :) Oh goodness! Nonetheless, oh how we love their yummy. And if ya'll think they are joking, their slices really are as big as your head. Here is a pic of hubs and I while we were dating with an ENTIRE Momo's pizza (trust me, we didn't eat the whole thing :))

I just love spending time with him....we had a really fun night and I'm thankful for the sweet time together. :) Even though sometimes I want to hurt him :), I love this man more than anyone else in the world.

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sarah said...

this just made my heart so happy :) i'm glad that you guys had a great time in pensicola and had a great date night :) and i absolutely LOVE the proposal! that was the first movie tim and i went to see together. it's so funny! i'm actually watching it right now :) i just bought it yesterday, haha. i love you! and will talk to you soon! have a wonderful week!!