Thursday, October 1, 2009

La la la la la la la la la means.........I love you :)

Have ya'll ever seen the movie "The Family Man"?'s an oldie but a goodie. :) The cutest song that is played in the movie is stuck in my head at this moment. Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni are super cute in it and there is a scene where he sings to her and it is just presh. Just watch it if you haven't seen it.

Anyways, moving on from my random thoughts...

I have decided to up the number of blogs I post per month. I noticed a sad, sad trend that most months (except for one): I have had one lonely, sad blog post. No more! I am ready and excited to document our lives much more frequently. Something my oh so sweet but oh so honest hubby has called me out on is my lack of following through with things. (Having a consistent quiet time with the Lord, working out, and the list goes on) I try but then I just can't continue....I lack major discipline. I am not saying that I am ever going to be perfect....I constantly will fall short of this my whole life and I am grateful my Savior loves and forgives me unconditionally and that HE is perfect so I don't have to be! But, I would like to be a woman who keeps her word. I want my yes to be yes and my no to be no's! :)

So....lately Matt and I have been going through this book in our fellowship group at church. It is a really awesome book that goes through the toughest questions of our faith that others ask and as Christians, we have asked ourselves. As we are going through it each week, there is a passage of scripture that we expound on....I am really enjoying it.

Also, we're still waiting on the Lord about decisions with moving. There actually may be a change in plans, but I won't post we know a little more. It is very exciting to think about, but we are just praying and asking God to direct where He wants us to go.

On Monday of this past week, my friend Jo and I went to the dog park with her lab, Lambeau (they are Green Bay Packer fans....the name of the field is called Lambeau field) and our sweet Lucy girl. They are becoming best friends and it is quite cute to see them play. Well, the dog park was quite the experience. It was my first time (Lucy has gone with her daddy before but not with me.)

So, I have to admit that I did a little dog-owner judging while we were there. There was a pretty mean dog who kept coming up to Lucy and the other dogs and just kept picking a fight....she wouldn't just sniff and be nice, she would try to bite and attack. In my head I was like, "Gosh, lady, keep your dog under control" and then when I saw the owner come over I could tell how embarrased she was....she kept saying sorry and then I think had tears in her eyes. I felt awful for judging when the very same thing could have happened to me. Plank and speck, Audra, plank and speck. :) So then, (I promise this story is about to end) my hubby calls me at work a couple of days later and said that Lucy was attacked by not just one, or two, but THREE Doberman Pinchers while their owners were just watching and not stopping it!!!! I wanted to go hurt these dogs....Thankfully Luc got off with just a couple of scratches but I think she was more emotionally damaged than physically. Apparently later on a small corgie tried to come up to play with her after this happened and she hung her head and was so timid....a 43 pound German shepherd scared of a small little dog. Poor Lucy goose. Basically, I say all of this to say, if you are going to go to a dog park, please make sure that your dog is able to play with others nicely. :) That way, everyone can enjoy it! All of us dog owners would appreciate it greatly. :)

Lastly, we are very excited to be visiting these precious people this weekend in parents! :) We decided since neither Matt or I have to work that we wanted to see them...I am so excited!!

Peace Out Peeps!!!

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