Monday, September 10, 2012

Nesting of the Heart

My poor husband....he comes home on his lunch hour and I am asking him to put up shelves in the nursery and install the car seat and put together the stroller and clean out the garage. I tell him, "I'm nesting and I feel like you are at the opposite end of the spectrum because you are so laid back about everything!! Don't you know the baby could come THIS WEEK???"

Oh goodness, when you step back from yourself sometimes you realize how ridiculous you are being. I am realizing I have been so caught up in physically getting everything ready for our son that I have neglected spiritually preparing my heart for this next chapter. I would be naive if I said I can totally prepare my heart and emotions for what is about to take place, but I feel God pricking my heart to slow down and spend time with him. I need to be less worried about shelves hung and more concerned with praying for our little man's heart and that we would shepherd it well, Matt and I's marriage and that we would seek the Lord through the trying, sleepless nights ahead, and that we would create a home where worshiping the King is our focus. I need to immerse myself in scripture so that when in a few weeks I sleeplessly stumble to Grayson's crib to pick his little self up for a middle of the night feeding, I can praise and worship the One who gave us our son.

Of course it's not a bad thing to have shelves hung in the nursery and a clean garage but if those are what my focus is on, I am missing out on what the Lord wants to show me through the birth of my baby boy.

Just some random thoughts for today. :) Happy Monday friends!


Karen said...

I love you more than words can say! Do you realize that when you moved to P'cola you were starting the 2nd grade? Cameron just started 2nd grade. Watching you grow up has been a precious blessing from the Lord. I can't wait to hold your little man :).

Audra said...

Aww thank you Auntie K. That is crazy that Cam is the age I was when we moved to Pensacola! I was so blessed to be able to live by you for so long and had you guys all to myself. :) Love you so much and I can't wait for Grayson to meet his Aunt Karen! :)