Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Wedding & Renovations

It's been a while since I last posted & to say we've been busy is an understatement.  I feel like life is zooming past me and I can't quite catch up with it but it's all good things (for the most part :)).  I'm going to do another post telling our sweet little man's name.

I'll start by recapping Kelly & John's wedding.  It was a beautiful, worshipful ceremony and a super fun reception!  I am so blessed with not just my immediate in-law family, but all of my extended in-laws...I just adore Matt's aunts and uncles and it was wonderful being together with everyone!  Here are some pictures that I completely stole from Uncle Bryan. ;)  I didn't take any pictures over the weekend which is pretty pitiful but we were busy the whole time so I am giving myself an excuse.  I can't wait to see the professional pictures!   

Love him :)

My FIL and his three brothers :)...all awesome Garlich men!

Our sweet baby boy was a trooper and let me dance the night away until finally I was exhausted and fell asleep within minutes of the head hitting my pillow

My mother-in-law and her two sons :)

Kelly was seriously beaming and looked like Cinderella.  I have an absolutely beautiful sister-in-law, not just on the outside but on the inside too.  I love her and am so happy she FINALLY has married her best friend, our sweet Johnny boy. :)

 Mom and daughter breaking it down on the dance floor. :)

The day after the wedding there was a brunch at a local was so fun to see the newlyweds again and hang out with everyone.  This is my sweet in-love family and come February, we will all be official! :)  Can't wait till Hope and GG's wedding!! :)

 My FMIL & her mom and sister, Matt's wonderful Aunt Sue

After the wedding, we (I say that very lightly because really there's not much I can do but supervise :)) have been kicking it in high gear on our house projects. 

Our kitchen floor was tiled by some wonderful friends in our small group at church and Matt did our entire backsplash!  It's not completely finished yet so this is just a teaser photo.  I am SO BEYOND happy with our is BEAUTIFUL in person and just makes me so happy every time I walk in there. 

There has been a little drama but nothing we can't handle :) (nothing is ever easy with house projects).  Matt has been ripping up the carpets upstairs preparing for our new carpets to be installed & he found a small spot of mold in our master bedroom.  We weren't sure if it was the bad kind (black mold) or not so we have been sleeping downstairs (our other beds are currently disassembled to make way for the new carpet). We closed off our room & I have not been allowed to go in there because my sweet hubby doesn't want me & our baby boy remotely near the mold.  It's also been a little rough because we didn't want to run our A/C to for fear of circulating the mold through the air so needless to say in late June, it's been a little hot for this preggo girl.  Temporarily, Matt got a window A/C unit downstairs that has been making it tolerable but I can't wait to get back in my bed with the real A/C on & feeling much cooler!  Thankfully we got the report back today that the mold is not the bad kind.  We (lol, totally loosely- not we at all :)- more like HE) will just get rid of it and then life can go back to normal a little bit. 

In the next several weeks to a month, our upstairs is being painted and then we'll get new carpet!  WOO HOO! :)  I'm trying to remain positive through it all and know that it's just for a brief season and it will all be worth it once it's complete!! :) 

I am now semi- caught up with our lives.  Next up....our baby boy's name & a letter to him


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Debra said...

Love this post. Love that you are so happy with your life, and looking forward to all the changes!!! Kelly's big day looked beautiful! Love,Mom