Thursday, June 28, 2012

His Name Is.... & a Letter :)

Our sweet baby boy's name will be...

Grayson Patrick Garlich

Matt and I both loved the name Grayson right when we heard it & it goes so well with our last name.  I immediately could imagine that little person and his name just seemed to fit with the picture in my mind.  There was a bit of a time when Grayson's daddy "wasn't feeling it" but he thankfully got over that phase :) and we were back in action.  We started talking about middle names & one night in the car, Matt looked at me and said, "What about Grayson Patrick?" to which I immediately knew that was it.  That was our baby's name.  Patrick was the sweet brother of my hubby who went to be with Jesus before his first birthday.  From everything I know and pictures I have seen, he was a precious baby and we are so excited & honored to be able to carry on his legacy in this next generation. :)

My precious baby boy,
                       You have been in my belly for about 26 weeks and are making yourself quite at home in there. :)  I absolutely LOVE feeling you roll, kick, and turn around at all hours of the day and night.  It is a feeling that you just can't quite describe until you experience it yourself but I don't think I will ever get sick of it.  Your daddy and I can't WAIT to meet you and see what/who you look like.  At lunch today, we were talking about you and what your little personality would be like.  We talked about how we want to raise you up to learn about Jesus and live for him.  We vowed that praying and reading scripture at night together will be a nightly family act.  We are praying for your sweet heart, and that the Lord is ripening it to know Him.  We are praying for your health, your future, and that your daddy and I would be wise and trust in the Lord to help us raise you.  It's a little scary to think about, but we know that He is near to us and will help us to raise you despite our shortcomings and flaws.  I am so thankful for your dad, because I know he will be SUCH a wonderful father.  He will be a tough cookie discipline wise, but he also has the softest heart and will be there for you no matter the circumstance.  And goodness, is he ready to throw the football, teach you how to play catch, and dunk some basketballs with you!  Grayson, my sweet baby boy- you are loved, wanted, prayed for, and adored.  Your daddy and I are so very thankful for how the Lord is blessing our family with you!  We love you and can't WAIT to meet you (although you're not quite ready yet & we still have a lot to do, so stay comfy in there for another 13 or so weeks. :))!

                                                                                                           With all the love in our hearts,
                                                                                                            Mom and Dad :) 


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