Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Months- Finished Post! :)

I am sorry that this post has been unfinished for over a week!  The blogger app on my phone won't let you save a post- it has to be published and I started this one and didn't want to lose it so I "published" it unfinished thinking I would get right back to it and that didn't happen.  Thankfully Gray can't read yet so he won't be able to be mad at me for not finishing his 2 month post. ;)

Two Months :)
Weight:  13 lbs 5 oz
Height:  24 1/2" long

I can't believe my sweet little butterball is 2 months already.  I love this boy so much it makes my heart ache sometimes.  His sweet little smile and happy demeanor bring such joy to our lives and our family is so enriched by his little life.  The second month of G's life was a great one!  He had his first smile fest, his first playdate with friends, his first road trip, he started sleeping through the night (hallelujah!), he met his cousins for the first time, celebrated his first Thanksgiving, and we started getting in a good little groove.  (Haha- well, as much of a groove you can be in with a baby.  I was just telling my sister the other day that as soon as you feel like you are in a good groove, things change.  That is just life with a sweet little bundle.)

I am sure many moms say this, but he is THE BEST BABY!  He is such a happy little guy and rarely cries.  We figured out last month that my eating chocolate was upsetting his little tummy so I cut that out of my diet and since that change Grayson seems much happier and I feel much better to not be causing a hurt tummy.  My sweet little angel really only has one time of day that he doesn't nap well in his crib which is from 5-7 PM but is content on mommy and daddy's chest, in his bouncer (we are borrowing a swing soon from one of my friends and I am hoping he loves this too), and in the carrier on me.

Grayson eats 6 times a day- 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, and a dreamfeed at 10 PM.  He is a little champion eater and can pretty much be done in 10-15 minutes.  Including eating time, he is awake for about an hour and then takes a two hour nap.  Sometimes he wakes up early from the naps and either has a burp that needs to be released or just has a little trouble going from one sleep cycle to the next.  I absolutely LOVE waking up now because one of my favorite things in this whole world is going in his room, taking off his sleep sack, watching him stretch his sweet little body, and then looking up at me and smiling the sweetest smile when I tell him good morning.  This literally happens almost every single morning.  It's almost like he's telling me, "It's so good to see you mom after sleeping 11 hours."

Yes, I am super blessed.  Grayson is sleeping through the night and has been since we got back from our Thanksgiving vacation at my parents house when he was about 7 1/2 weeks old.  After he eats at 7, we hang out with the little man until 8, sometimes reading from the bible and then put him to sleep.  I then go in at 10 and do a dream feed which he is pretty much asleep during and put him right back to bed.  Matt is amazed that he can be sleeping and eating at the same time, but it's this last feeding that makes it so that his little tummy gets just enough to then make it until 7.  I am a Babywise believer because I do think that the pattern of eat, wake, sleep during the day helps make it so that he sleeps through the night.  It's crazy because sometimes I think he is sleeping too much during the day but then he goes all night long too.    

Daddy singing to me
The Hippapotomus Christmas Song & Circle of Life with daddy moving my hands and arms & making motions
Waking up and seeing my mommy's face
Doing the Florida State Chant (not kidding- he LOVES this)
When other people laugh (he laughs too!)
When I wake up early from a nap
Having to burp but can't quite get it out
When I'm over tummy time
Oh Grayson, my sweet boy, YOU are loved beyond measure.  I can't fathom you not being in our lives and just thank the Lord so much because he gave us YOU.  It's amazing to me that God knew exactly who needed to be in our family and gave us you as that gift.  Always know how much your Heavenly Father loves you and has a purpose for your life.  Also know how much we love you and treasure you as our greatest earthly gift.  Your dad and I just said the other night if we knew that all of our children were going to be like you, we'd have 10 more.  (Although not really because mommy isn't cut out to be Michelle Duggar. ;))  You are mommy's precious angel and I am so thankful for you.  It's so fun to watch you grow and watch your little personality develop.  I am trying to treasure each day and soak it up because time is already going by so fast.  So keep growing but try not to let it happen at lightening speed, okay?  Mommy and daddy love you, angel bear.

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Debra said...

My little Gray is so adorable...I love the shy smile in the first one. Such big smiles...and so happy posing for Mommy! Miss that little guy; give him a big kiss from Nana and Poppy.
Love, Mom