Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Life at the Garlich house has been full & happy lately. 

Lots of exciting things are happening like buying a new (to us) car for our family and my hardworking hubby making headway on some house projects to get ready for our little munchkin.  He's been ripping up carpet and prepping walls for paint and working on the backyard.  Our kitchen is kind of at a standstill until June when some of our friends from our small group are coming to help Matt tile our floors and put in our backsplash. 

Here are some 19 week belly pictures...I'm now almost 21 weeks and it's amazing how every morning my stomach seems to get a little bigger.  I have SUCH a sweet doctor who helps my self esteem by saying things like "Aren't you an adorable pregnant woman" and hugging me.  That really helps balance out people at working saying things like, "wow, you are really getting bigger!" :)

I am feeling our little man move SO MUCH and it is the most amazing feeling ever.  Today I felt his little kick from the outside for the first time.  I was listening to the Journey song "Don't Stop Believin" and singing it loudly in my car and all of a sudden I felt it strong!  Almost like either he was dancing along or saying it's too loud mom!! :) 

Matt is out of town on a business trip until tomorrow so I can't wait till he gets back & can feel him.  Every time he moves around in there, it makes me laugh and sometimes the way he moves tickles (which is kind of weird because it tickles on the inside) but I just LOVE feeling him moving around in there.  I am so blessed to be able to carry around this little person even though there are some crazy weird symptoms that come along with being pregnant, I always want to be thankful for the amazing miracle that the Lord is growing inside.

Here is his precious little self hanging out at our 20 week ultrasound

My sweet friend Sarah sent Baby G a care package with some of her favorite books and it was so fun to recieve it in the mail and I can't wait to read them to him when he gets here. :)

 We have been looking for several months for the perfect deal for an SUV because we are planning on selling my Honda.  We have had the help of my amazing car guru brother-in-law and we were SO happy to find the perfect one for our family at a great deal.  I keep looking at the back seat and can't imagine that soon there will be a little tiny person in a car seat. :) 

And we can't forget about our first baby, Lucy.  It's been a while since she's made an appearance on the blog and I love this precious picture I took while she was naping the other day.  I love this girl and she is getting very excited to meet her baby brother in September.


Karen said...

Missing you and thinking of you often! Say hi to little man from me :).

Courtney said...

So many exciting things going on right now! I'm so happy for you, what a fun time in your lives

Debra said...

Dad and I are so happy and excited for you and Matt. Treasure each day of this experience; he'll be here before we know it!!!

Hurley Wifey Blog said...

I love how close our pregnancies are! Reading about you feeling little man's kicks from the outside for the first time sounds just like mine!! I LOVE feeling Brantley kick and move! He's so active! Love reading the progress:)

Carry said...

It’s good that you found the perfect car for your family, especially now that you have a baby. The safety of the baby would be your first priority, and a car that offers just that would be absolutely perfect. =)

Carry Demaggio