Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Designs and etc.

I wanted to go for a new look on the blog and I like it but am not sold yet. I wish we had an alloted amount in our Dave Ramsey budget for a beautiful blog header and layout, but I don't....I think there is a better way to do it myself and make it not quite so generic but I just don't know how. If anyone has any help or advise on this, I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts! :)

I have also decided that after a very long time of owning this blog, I need more bloggity blog friends. It did absolutely make my day to know that my dear precious Papa reads this really, I don't need blog friends because to know that my family reads it is enough but it would be nice to have more followers. {Hi Grandmother and Papa!} I guess I need to comment more on others blogs and post more and do giveaways in order to make this happen. DEEEEEP SIGHHHHHH. Can we just be friends? Oh, and you can follow me too!

The Lord is most definitely at work in the Garlich family. I can't really share yet, but I am seeing him do things....really cool things that we have been praying for. He is good and he really does give and take away...but he does it for his glory and our good.

I need to do a whole separate post on our recent North Carolina "vacation" because is quite similar to a Chevy Chase movie....but still fun nontheless. Just an my life. I do now know why my husband told me on our wedding day "Welcome to our adventure!"


Courtney said...

I'll be your bloggy friend! =) I adore your spirit and your faith, you are such a sweet girl and always enjoy your posts

Audra said...

Courtney I love that you are my bloggy friend! :) I always love reading your blog...I feel like we definitely would be friends IRL because I can always relate with your posts. :) I think my problem is that I read SO many blogs but just forget to comment! I'm going to try to be better! :) You are such an encouragement!

millie said...

I am a faithful follower, but I am glad it's through google reader, and not this tiny squiggly font! I wish I could give you some tips for blog design, but as you can see, millie has been pretty inactive lately.

Hayley said...

I follow your blog via my rss feed reader (netnewswire) :) I don't post much on my blog, but we can be bloggy friends!

Also I just noticed that on your Blog List on the right we follow many of the same blogs! Let's be friends :)


Audra said...

Awww you guys are making me so happy!

Em...thank you for being a faithful reader. :) You need to blog more because I love reading yours!

Hayley, I love your blog as well. I am following you now officially! :) And we need to hang out with our husbands! I always tell Tricia that I want to get to know you more so let's make it happen! :)

Debra said...

hey sweetheart...hope you are feeling better.
Love the new look! I will talk to you tomorrow. Love, Mom

sarah said...

audra! i love your blog and you! :) i need to call you soon so we can catch up on life. i miss you so much! tell matt i say hello :)

emily! i need to call you too, i miss you! i hope you are doing well :)

Audra said...

:) Thanks you! :)

Sarah Elizabeth...AHHHH I miss you so much! I was just looking at your facebook and I was thinking about you and how much I miss you. I HAVE GOT to call you soon....I promise I will when I can!!! Love you friend!